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Subject: Twinn Connexion, now THIS is superior POP :)
Dear Jerry,   

For the past three decades I have been collecting 60s vinyl  with a focus on "obscure" melodic 1967-1970 orchestrated  pop and pleasent popsike. I live in Belgium but used to go to the US twice a year to buy sixties vinyl. I have thousand of LP's and (believe it or not) I recall where I bought each and every one of them :)   

It was a "nice shock" when I found the Twinn Connexion album  on a record fair in Manhattan. I never heard from the duo, but you only have to look at the cover and the songtitles and I immediately  sensed this had to b good BUT I had to wait til I was back in Belgium to actually play it.   

I don't have a better word to describe this as a "revelation"...  yes it was tailor-made pop for me :) I remember thinking (after listening to the first two songs) they can't possibly keep this quality up for the entire album. To my amazement it was ! I immediately called a couple of friends of mine with the same taste in pop and almost "rushed over" because I have almost been a "living commercial" for this album.

My friends were also impressed and said (this was unanymously) WHY HAVEN'T THESE SONGS BEEN HITS? Well I couldn't agree more.... I don't understand why these songs didn't get the airplay they deserved ! Even now....   

Ok, I cleaned the LP with sofrware because it was a used record and had  no more info about the artists... i then filed in my collection. All of a sudden while browsing youtube I saw this LP mentioned and to my amazement two things happend, the album is out on CD and.... I saw  an interview with one of the brothers, meaning you... I was complely stunned,  to say the least !!! One of my favorite albums of which  (unfortunately) not  many  people have heard all of a sudden gets a "second life" .... incredible ...   

I thank you for this (almost overlooked) album of superior popmusic... it  brought and still brings a lot of happiness and pleasure when I play it... so sorry to  hear  about the passing away of your brother... I think he would have been proud to   FINALLY get more recognition.... The bonus tracks on the CD were like a birthday present because I had   no idea that other songs were recorded... just fantastic !!! :) 

It didn't make my day, it made my year (and that is a FACT) 

Kind regards, 

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