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Subject: Twinn Connexion, now THIS is superior POP :)
Dear Jerry,   

For the past three decades I have been collecting 60s vinyl  with a focus on "obscure" melodic 1967-1970 orchestrated  pop and pleasent popsike. I live in Belgium but used to go to the US twice a year to buy sixties vinyl. I have thousand of LP's and (believe it or not) I recall where I bought each and every one of them :)   

It was a "nice shock" when I found the Twinn Connexion album  on a record fair in Manhattan. I never heard from the duo, but you only have to look at the cover and the songtitles and I immediately  sensed this had to b good BUT I had to wait til I was back in Belgium to actually play it.   

I don't have a better word to describe this as a "revelation"...  yes it was tailor-made pop for me :) I remember thinking (after listening to the first two songs) they can't possibly keep this quality up for the entire album. To my amazement it was ! I immediately called a couple of friends of mine with the same taste in pop and almost "rushed over" because I have almost been a "living commercial" for this album.

My friends were also impressed and said (this was unanymously) WHY HAVEN'T THESE SONGS BEEN HITS? Well I couldn't agree more.... I don't understand why these songs didn't get the airplay they deserved ! Even now....   

Ok, I cleaned the LP with sofrware because it was a used record and had  no more info about the artists... i then filed in my collection. All of a sudden while browsing youtube I saw this LP mentioned and to my amazement two things happend, the album is out on CD and.... I saw  an interview with one of the brothers, meaning you... I was complely stunned,  to say the least !!! One of my favorite albums of which  (unfortunately) not  many  people have heard all of a sudden gets a "second life" .... incredible ...   

I thank you for this (almost overlooked) album of superior popmusic... it  brought and still brings a lot of happiness and pleasure when I play it... so sorry to  hear  about the passing away of your brother... I think he would have been proud to   FINALLY get more recognition.... The bonus tracks on the CD were like a birthday present because I had   no idea that other songs were recorded... just fantastic !!! :) 

It didn't make my day, it made my year (and that is a FACT) 

Kind regards, 


Songs from the Heart available on eBay

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The new Twinn Connexion album Songs from the Heart has been released in South Korea by Big Pink records and is already available on eBay! The CD can be found for sale in both the U.S. and U.K. eBay stores.


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Definitive review of Twinn Connexion reissue

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Michael McDowell, editor/publisher of BLITZ, has written the definitive article/review of Now Sounds reissue of Twinn Connexion.

In his five-page indepth manuscript, it's 1968, Sound Exchange Studios, Jerry Keller, Dave Blume, the band from Carolyn Hester's Coalition, Frank Owen, Jay Berliner, Charlie Macey, Steve Wolfe, Buddy Saltzman, Bill LaVorgna, Skeeter Cameran, Joe Mack, Blume himself on organ and vibes.

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Airplay for Twinn Connexion

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Are We There Yet? with Tamar

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Thursday July 8th

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Twinn Connexion  Sixth Avenue Stroll   Twinn Connexion  Now Sounds  CD   
The Hepburns  Sad, Free, Excited & Empty   How The Fallen Are Mighty  Radio Khartoum  CD   
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