twinnc-twinnc_03.jpgTwinn Connexion
Twinn Connexion

Track Listing
  1. Sixth Avenue Stroll 
  2. I Think I ll Just Go And Find Me A Flower
  3. I Think I Know Him
  4. Dilemna
  5. Turn Down Day
  6. The Music Turns Me On
  7. Foolin Around
  8. Wind Me Up And I Dance
  9. Summer Sadness
  10. Young And Free
  11. Oh What A Lovely Day
  12. The Silent Parade
  13. Think I Will
  14. Mary
  15. Reach Out To Meet Myself
  16. Turn Down Day (Mono Single Version)
  17. I Think I Know Him (Mono Single Version)
  18. Oh What A Lovely Day (Mono Single Version)
  19. Sixth Avenue Stroll (Mono Single Version

twinnc-songsf_03.jpgTwinn Connexion
Songs From The Heart

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Track Listing
  1. Annabelle Red
  2. Barbara Pepper
  3. Broadway Joe
  4. Come Live With Me
  5. In The West
  6. Letter From Dad and Mom
  7. Mary
  8. Matchmaker
  9. Miknoknu
  10. Nothing's Changed But Me
  11. Your Porch Swing Squeaks
  12. Punxsatawney Town
  13. Run Out To Meet Myself
  14. The Silent Parade
  15. Think I Will
  16. You're Gonna Hear From Me